Tools for sale

OK, we are a tool shop and so naturally sell tools. Woodworking, engineering, crafts, DIY, general building all use tools we might have.

Sales are mostly through the shop as being able to pick them up, to handle them is likely to lead to a better choice of tools that feels right for you. Can even get advice or just have a chat.

Photos, the internet, buying online just doesn’t give the “feel factor”. At times it may still be the only sensible way to do shopping due to distance or available time. Yes it’s better to try and visit, we are open 6 days a week and welcome visitors from around the world. OK, not always possible, we may be able to help on the phone or email.

Sometime we may have a proper online shop for those who can’t visit, in the meantime here will just try and give an overview of a few things available in the physical shop.

Excess stock

Excess stock – just too much of these tools or things have come in and need clearing out.

Normally they are not just at greatly reduced prices but reduced to clear. We just would like to have things reused if at all possible. Often this will be done by putting things out in front on dry days.

Our excess stock can very in the sorts of items to clear. This can change week to week while of course the individual items can sell sometimes very quickly yet sometimes seem difficult to even give away 🙁  untell 3 people all want the same item the same day, same hour.

Will try to post on the general types of things to clear here on the web but often they will just be out in front of the shop. Have a look if passing.

Unusual (at least for us) special items

Unusual (at least for us) special items. One off, probably never to be repeated items.

Since we sometimes buy complete workshops and can end up with very specialist tools.

These may be very desirable items, but only to a limited range of users.

The normal stock

Variety of drill bits
Variety of drill bits for wood, metal, stone.Normally a rang in stock.

Then we have all of our normal ever changing tools. The everyday items that can appeal

Screwdrivers, traditional turnscrews
Screwdrivers, traditional wooden handled, plastic handled; slotted, pozzie, Philips, torques; large, small

to anyone doing DIY, crafts, hobbies right the way through to tradesmen (or in this day and age should this be tradespersons).

Taps and dyes for metalwork
Taps and dies, Whitworth, AF, UNC, metric, BA, pipe, but you will need to decide what’s wanted
Various types, sizes and kinds of hammers generally in stock, sometimes even unusual ones

Items like pliers, chisels, etc do constantly change and often we can advise if a particular sort is in routinely so not needed to purchase till needed.

Measuring tools, engineering tools
Measuring tools often of interest for engineering, but others as well

Others can be less common and if possibly needed in the future it can be worth buying when available.

One of my classic examples is a 1/8th in wide pairing chisel at £18.

A customer from London had been looking for one for over a year but didn’t want to spend £18. Driving back to London kicked himself for not getting it so drove down the next week. It had sold. Over the next year he looked in hundreds of other tools shops for another one without finding success. Came back again a year after to buy the next one we had in, still £18. We could have advised on this.

New tools

Mostly we sell used, second hand, vintage antique sorts of tools. Some hand tools just don’t turn up that way and are still needed while being within our sort of overall philosophy of use.

Others we do get second hand but still want to offer the choice of new. Not all are listed here but as examples: New tools