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Woodworking Tools used and vintage plus many others

14 Perry Rd, Bristol BS1 5BG, England

Inside Bristol Design Tool Shop
Inside Bristol Design Tool Shop

We are OPEN the full 6 days of week Mon through Sat

Like everyone at the moment still playing day to day.We can have staff off or late occassionly.

Best to phone 0117 929 1740 just to check if travelling long distance.

With the council policies of trying to make accessing anything in the central city region difficult I have managed to have an article in the Bristol Post discussing some of this, have a look: : Bristol Post Article


Bristol City Council have installing segregated cycle lanes on both sides of the road in front of us and also stopped left turns up St Michael's hill or right turns down St Michael's hill. Need to do the extra driving down to St James Barton roundabout (Bear Pit) and back up. OK, it adds congestion, traffic fumes, time and mileage but that is what Bristol wants it seems.
Consultation on improvements to Park Row, Perry Road, Upper Maudlin Street and Colston Street
The council say improvement, many business think it is the exact opposite. It is proposing spending over 3 million mainly to aid the very few cyclist who use this stretch of road. Less than 1 in a 100+ compared to vehicle use by my count on a warm dry day. Many of the vehicles had multiple occupants so even a lower use per person.

The changes would perpetuate the added congestion and pollution caused by forcing cars needing to turn left on St Michael’s Hill from Perry Rd or right coming down St Michael’s Hill to drive down and back past the hospital to the Bear Pit roundabout.

The road can be bumper to bumper during rush hour, 20 minutes to move 40 feet at times. Ambulances with blue flashing lights held up as cars can’t move to the side to get out of the way.

People with limited mobility have been let off at my shop with a driver then having to circle for 30 to 40 minutes trying to park. OK, we have too many cars but no realistic alternatives at present.

We've been here nearly 40 years and hope that these road changes don't tip us over the edge of survival. Initially the counsel this was temporary then quietly said they want to make it permanent. The recent consultation was only on minor points admitting that the major aspects wouldn't be allowed to change. Similar policies are bring brought in in many cities and locations sometimes with devastating effects.
Woodworking tools more planes and ades, axes
planes, adzes and axes
woodworking tools selection of planes
Shelves full of woodworking planes

We are a rather uncommon type of tool shop, one specializing in older hand tools and specially woodworking ones though all other types can be found here..

We have the standard Stanley, Record planes, but also Norris, Spiers, Matheson, Preston, etc. Plough, rebate, bullnose, mitre jointer’s to block planes all here.

Green woodworking tools like froes, side axes, adze, spoon knives. Sharpening stones, chisels, squares and more.

rows of wooden moulding planes
Shelves of wooden moulding planes
bow saws and planes
bowsaws and planes

Many of our tools are hard to find elsewhere, the older tools that have a quality now hard to find in new ones made down to a price, the one no longer in production. We add to this with new tools we make or commission for less usual tasks in woodworking or where the very highest quality is needed.

Stanley and Record planes
Stanley and Record planes
wide angle of Bristol Design shop interior
fisheye of shop interior

We also have a very wide range of more common second hand tools.

Yes we buy tools (and accept donations). Our customers are buying tools to use on the whole so we like tools in good condition. Age isn’t necessarily a big thing (in tools or people) so grandfathers rusty, broken plane from 1930’s isn’t a valuable antique but it might still be of use to someone. If you want to bring them to the shop give us a call first so Charles is here. We can travel to collect tools as well, again give a call and a date and time can be arranged.

Normally Open Mon – Sat 9:30 – 5:30 Closed Sun

We still only take cash payments

Maybe best to phone first if you are travelling any distance (0117 929 1740). But shouldn’t be any problems, OK except Bristol parking.

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