Excess stock

We do end up with more of some items than we have space for.

Excess stock – just too much of these have come in and need clearing out. Normally they are not just at greatly reduced prices but reduced in price even further. We just would like to have things reused if at all possible. Often this will be done by putting things out in front on dry days.

At the moment we have 3 professional quality 110 volt tools to clear

We can be open to negotiation on price of the saw and biscuit jointer, plainer is already very cheap. The saw gets talked about as the best ever made for this type.

Makita 110V heavy duty planer
Makita N1923BD 82mm Heavy Duty Electric Planer 110v. £30
Elu compound mitre befel saw
Elu PS274 type A2 Compound Mitre Bevel Saw 110volt. SOLD
110volt Elu biscuit jointer
110volt Elu biscuit jointer. Good condition, working well. £90

The “Outside” tools to clear

Power tools in front of shop
Some of the power tools in front of the shop.

Other tools, 240 volt, are outside, weather dependent, and all priced very low. They hopefully don’t stay around for all that long so not listing them separately on the whole.

Many have gone to good homes and been replaced with other stock, but now (early October) backup stocks are near gone. Will maybe change to clearing something else by mid October.

Titan 5 speed piller drill
Titan 5 speed piller drill, £45
SDS 3 function hammer drill
Challenge SDS 750 Watt 3 Function Hammer Drill. £24
B&D Workmate workbench
Black & Decker dual height folding workmate workbench. £24
Multi-function recipricating saw
Multi-Function Reciprocating Saw. Performance Power. 500w. £25
Circular saw
Performance Power PC1200 circular saw, little or unused. £18

One off Special

Trend Combi 1002 Kitchen worktop jointing jig

Worktop jointing jig
Trend Combi 1002 worktop jointing jig

Trend Postform jigs are designed to enable most heavy-duty routers which have plunge facility, to cut exacting butt and scribed joints in worktops up to 1000 mm wide.
This is a very professional bit of kit which seems to have been replaced with cheaper substitutes. This is complete and seems unused, £299.

A single male & female template in 16 mm solid laminate.
Integral panel connector recessing template.
Integral template slots for rounding of peninsular worktop corners.
Facility to join boards 400 to 1000 mm wide.
Facility to cut mitre corner solution for hob cuts.
It is large and heavy, size 420mm x 60mm x 1290mm

Designed for all 1/2” shank plunge routers