Maybe ordinary tools just not everyday ones

OK, we get a lot of tools through the shop. Some are unusual in some way, either modified, just very uncommon, maybe common in the past but not seen much now.

So, just for interest we will try putting some of this up here. Conversations we otherwise don’t have a specific place for on our website.

What we might think of as interesting, but could also be something which is maybe useful to someone using it away from its original intended use.

Row of compass planes in silhouette
Variety of compass planes

The first endeavour thinking of these pages is a compass or circular plane which arrived and seemed both very familiar but at the same time rather different.

We frequently have compass planes in stock and they can be Stanley or Record with the very occasional old East German or Indian variety. This was a Stanley No. 113 but different.

This Stanley 113 had a movement and locking system which may have been a prototype for Stanley or a one off engineering solution.

I ended up writing it up for the USA, Mid West Tool Collectors Association (M-WTCA) monthly publication “The Gristmill”. One of a number of tool collecting organization which has volumes of information about tools and history.

Of course we also often have the wooden compass planes. These can be either fixed radius or adjustable with a wooden “foot” which can move up or down at the front.