A one off-
A Variable Speed Precision Lathe SOLD so no longer available

Not our normal hand tool selection but this seems an excellent lathe which has had many extras with it. Nearly new. Sold, so no longer available. It is heavy, about 40kg+ with the extras, but not so big that it won’t fit in boot of standard car.

Variable Speed “Mini” Lathe can be used for wood or metal. The “Mini” isn’t size but make of machine. With large range of accessories included for metal turning. Has electronic digital measurements for speed, plus additional precision cross and feed screw movements. Distance Between Centres is 350mm, Swing Over Bed: 180mm, 550W motor, Spindle Speed 50-2250 rpm. Both 3 and 4 jaw chucks, Spindle through hole: 21mm, M2 Tail stock, multiple quick change tool post holder, ground cast iron bed. Lots more including instruction books and tooling. 

We think this would be an excellent lathe for a model maker, instrument maker or anyone wanting a precision tool making lathe which could sit on a bench top. Price is £500

Mini lathe only partly set up
Mini Lathe - metal & woodworking
Some of the extra tooling which will be included with the Mini lathe
Some of the extra that are included with the lathe