Bristol Design

14 Perry Rd

Bristol BS1 5BG


Tel: 0117 929 1740

We are a rather uncommon type of tool shop, one specializing in hand woodworking tools.

They are often ones hard to find elsewhere, older tools that have a quality now hard to find, tools no longer in production.  We add to this with new tools we make or commission for less usual tasks in woodworking
or where the very highest quality is needed.

Then we have a very wide range of more common second hand tools.

Our shop is located in the centre of Bristol.

We are not far from the main bus station, the Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI), just down the road from the university.

Bristol Design Shop

OK, This site counts as seriously Under Construction. Still learning the DIY approach to website building and have photos to take, words to write 14 April 2009.

Some of our tools:

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